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Small things you can do that will add to your profit when you decide to sell your home.

At Rainbow’s Edge Group, we specialize in creating demand for your home.  We harness the power of the internet and Google Analytics to target potential buyers based on their online footprint.  This generates more potential buyers, creating more demand for your home, which guarantees you the most return. The home selling process not only involves an excellent presentation, but also marketing expertise and a deep understanding of market conditions.  Real estate agency experience and strategy are vital to ensure each of these elements is working to command top market value for your home. And, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you select us to represent you in your sale. Let’s Partner TOGETHER for SUCCESS!!


Meet with us conveniently at your home so that we can get to know you and your home.  Together we will look at each room and your homes curb appeal.  This process will expose or highlight possible areas that may need improvement allowing time to address these in order to gain you the very best potential earnings by showcasing your homes best features.

PRICING – What’s your Home Worth:

We will provide you a comparative market analysis considering and including trends in the industry as a means to determine your listing price which is vital from the start!  Pricing it right results in immediate showings with potential for immediate offers!!

Home prep tips for Best Showing:


  • Start packing: put things in storage, clean & organize basement, garage, storage/outbuildings. Protectively store your treasured family photos for now, by doing so it eliminates the potential buyer experiencing the feeling they are in YOUR space but rather allows them to in-vision their own family living there.

  • Paint or paint touch up if needed.

  • Carpet: clean or replace.

  • Stage your home yourself or consider hiring a professional to de-clutter. Walk through each room taking it in……do you feel calm and peaceful?  if so, Great, you succeeded.  If not, then maybe there is a little more work to do.  Put stacks of papers, magazines, piled laundry and nick knacks out of sight.  Only display the minimal attractive items complimenting the room and creating a tranquil ambiance.

  • Curb appeal: Manicure lawn, flower beds, bushes, trim trees.  Create a clean, eye pleasing impression.



  • List your home: You approve the content & photos prior to launch.

  • We Launch your marketing campaign: we will attract potential buyers through mls, internet, advertising to name a few.

  • Showings: We will work with all companies to coordinate your showings to the best benefit.

  • Offers: All offers will be presented to you providing insight to pros, cons and contingencies in any offers.  Possessing vital strong negotiation skills we will confidently represent you in counteroffers you may choose to make.

  • UNDER CONTRACT: We will help you through each step, ensuring all deadlines are met, understanding and addressing any inspection report and any listed repair items.  Also handling any challenges that might arise and also ensure proper documentation required by law.

  • CLOSING: We will attend your closing ensuring an atmosphere of confidence and success as you receive your check in hand!!!!

  • POST CLOSING: Forever friends!

Marketing Your Home

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING.  Acquiring the highest market value for your home often comes down to how it presents. We’ll suggest several ways to cost effectively enhance your home’s appeal prior to going on the market. Many common exterior touch-ups include regular lawn mowing, fresh painting or staining things like the fence and front door, cleaning windows thoroughly, tightening door handles, and downspouts. Sprucing up the inside of the home is also very important. We suggest removing clutter from the walls and shelving, cleaning or painting walls and ceilings, shampooing carpets, repairing any plumbing issues, and replacing light bulbs and dusting off the fixtures themselves. Once the home is ready to show, we will provide a checklist handy for scheduled showings that reminds you to turn on all the lights, open blinds for day showings, keep pets secured, and create a little ambiance with soft music and comforting scents. The same ideas apply to the photo shoot that will capture the visuals for your home listing. We will shoot the front and rear exterior of the home, as well as patios, decks, yards, and landscaped areas. We will also take pictures of all interior common areas, like the front entry, dining room, living room, family room, and kitchen. Bedrooms and bathrooms, typically along with any other finished living space, will also be photographed and should be clean and presentable. Remember that we’re working to prepare the public image of your home to make a striking first impression! Once your listing goes live in the MLS, we will work with you to hold open houses, if applicable, and negotiate incoming offers to make certain you realize maximum value. We’ll work with the buyer’s agent to remove any contingencies to the transaction once we have the right offer in place, and stick with you through closing and beyond. 


What’s Your Home Worth?

Not sure if this is a good time to sell? Wonder how much you could get for your home? Let us create a complimentary comparative market analysis for your home to answer those questions and more.


Escrow and Closing Costs


Typical selling costs include:

  • Commission: shared between buyer/seller agents to ensure maximum exposure of your listing.

  • Your mortgage balance which will be due and reduce your gross funds at closing.

  • Prorated property taxes.

  • Title company closing costs.

  • Home inspection: Buyer typically pays for one, however there are advantages to a seller having a home inspection done prior to listing as a means to a “heads up” on any items needing repair or replacement.

  • HOA or POA fees if applicable including possible transfer fee.

  • Termite policy.

  • Any Seller offered Buyers incentives such as help with closing costs or seller provided home warranty, etc


Whether you’re buying or selling, “escrow” is a term you should know something about.  The process is slightly different, depending on if you’re buying or selling.

Closing is the final step to make the deal official and receive your money from the sale of your home. In most cases, a third party will hold the buyer’s money until all the closing tasks are completed. This is called escrow, and the closing tasks are part of the escrow instructions. When all the closing tasks are complete, the third party will give the money to the seller and the keys to the buyer.

In most transactions, the people that are involved in the closing process are the seller, the buyer, the buyer’s lender, the seller’s lender, and a closing agent. The closing agent could be a closing company, lawyer, escrow officer, or title insurance company. This neutral third-party will then assist with a variety of tasks necessary to complete the transaction and ensure that the interests of both the buyer and the seller are protected throughout the transaction.

When a buyer makes an earnest money deposit on your home ensuring their commitment to buy and you both sign a purchase agreement, these funds and your purchase contract will go into a pre-closing escrow account. This escrow account will also hold instructions and paperwork necessary for the sale of the home. This will protect you from signing over the deed to your home until you’ve been paid by the seller’s mortgage lender, and it will ensure that the buyer’s terms are met before payment is made.

When you receive payment for your home and the buyer receives the deed and the keys to the house, you’ll move on to the close of escrow. During this step, your closing officer will verify that all inspections and conditions have been met, oversee the final paperwork, and handle the exchange of funds and the recording of the deed. Once this step is finished, you’ve officially sold your home!

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