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Looking for a new home?

Just click on the links to the left and you can search available properties all over the area!  Just enter in what you're looking for to see all the homes available.  You can even subscribe and get an email any time there's a new listing that meets the criteria you entered in your initial search!  Then, give us a call and we'll take care of the rest.  You can easily shop for the home of your dreams and at the same time                                                                           #StaySafe !

Having the right places to search is a great help

How much home can you afford?

Buying a house is a big step.  You need to know how the monthly payment will affect your monthly income.

Just click on the tab to the right to be directed to a FREE calculator that will help you determine what your out of pocket expense will be each month, based on the information you provide about the house of your dreams.  There are also links to reputable lenders if you haven't already been pre-approved or don't have a lender right now.

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